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Rules & Tools for Leaders

Perry Smith and Jeff Foley

Perry Smith and Jeff Foley

“Read Rules & Tools for Leaders and begin your journey to effective leadership.”

– Ken Blanchard, coauthor of The One Minute Manager and Leading at a Higher Level

Rules & Tools for Leaders (4th Edition): From Developing your Own Skills to Running Organizations of Any Size, Practical Advice for Leaders at All Levels.

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By Perry Smith and Jeff Foley (August 2013)

This fully revised, updated, and reorganized edition of a classic leadership handbook will help leaders at all levels in all types of organizations learn and grow to become better leaders. It is a practical guidebook, with tons of down-to-earth descriptions of what right looks like in the leadership world. The book was designed with the busy leader in mind – short chapters highlighting key character traits or skills needed to be successful, with many checklists to help get it right. Lots of advice is provided on dealing with the many tough issues found in organizations.

From many years of experience – in the military and commercial world – it became clear that learning to lead is a life-long journey that begins with developing yourself as a leader, through leading others, to ultimately leading organizations. This new edition is reorganized to better help the reader navigate through the many chapters to quickly find what you need when you need it. A brief description of each part is provided below, with a complete table of contents under separate cover.

Part I: Developing Yourself as a Leader.

This first part focuses on the individual and highlights the importance of becoming self aware, learning one’s strengths and weaknesses, learning what character is all about, getting a handle on how to take advantage of the electronic environment.

Part II:  Leading Others.

This second part highlights how one influences others, teaching and coaching, hiring-firing-inspiring your people, and introduces the concept of developing your own leadership model to help advance the effectiveness of one’s leadership potential.

Part III: Leading Organizations.

The part focuses on strategic leadership beginning with effective ways to take over new organizations, to establishing a vision and mission for an organization, strategic planning, making tough decisions, and concludes with a chapter on leading non-profit organizations.

Part IV: Bringing it All Together.

This last chapter is simply a comprehensive summary of the key elements of the book.

Also included is a broad suggested reading bibliography, as well as a list of wonderful leadership education programs available throughout the country.  This new edition was published on August 6, 2013. Earlier editions were translated into five languages, sold more than 300,000, and were used in a variety of leadership development programs in corporations, non-profits, churches, military professional colleges, and in schools from high school to MBA and executive MBA programs.

Good reading and good leading!


bookRules & Tools for Leaders

“Rules & Tools for Leaders (4th Edition): From Developing your Own Skills to Running Organizations of Any Size, Practical Advice for Leaders at All Levels.”  By Perry Smith and Jeff Foley (August 2013) Available wherever books are sold, including on-line retailers,, Powells.comiTunes and Google Play.
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