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Leader and Team Coaching


The very best leaders understand that their effectiveness increases as they discover and fix those behaviors that are holding them back. The need to learn is especially true for leaders progressing up through the ranks where different leadership behaviors or competencies requiring mastery become more critical.

What are the biggest challenges you face in your leadership role and how do you know? Delegate more effectively? Address conflict constructively and timely? Inspire your people? How to be a more effective coach? Listen to different points of view with an open mind? Hold others accountable?

Would you value increasing your competence in those leadership skills that will make you more effective in your current role and increase the leadership capacity of those on your team? Would you benefit from having a trusted partner to help you learn the truth about you and help you develop as a leader?


I partner with successful leaders to help them get even better by achieving positive, lasting change in behavior for themselves and the people they lead. I use two sources as the principle foundations for my work. First is Marshall Goldsmith’s, proven methodology called Stakeholder Centered Coaching®. Marshall is a best-selling author and one of the top leadership coaches in America (read more about him below). The second source is my own book BRAVE Business Leadership, which highlights best leadership practices I learned from my career in the US Army. The process begins with a comprehensive assessment of the leader from stakeholders. One or two leadership behaviors are identified as priorities which is then followed by a disciplined series of action plans over the course of 12 months. Actual change in behavior is measured by stakeholders at the end of the coaching engagement.


Marshall Goldsmith has used his methodology for many years with over 120 CEOs and executives from Fortune 500 companies. His methodology is neither time consuming nor difficult to understand. But it’s not easy. The method is based upon years of working with successful leaders who were willing to do what it takes to become even better.

Stakeholder Centered Coaching is distinctive in 3 major respects. First, significant attention and focus is placed on stakeholders. Second, while feedback is an important part of the process, we also emphasize what Marshal Goldsmith termed “feedforward” –suggestions for the future on behavior change (as opposed to feedback). Third, results of changes in behavior are measured. A comprehensive study among 11,000 business leaders in six multinational companies on four continents concluded that 95% of leaders who consistently applied the Stakeholder Centered Coaching® process measurably improved their leadership.


           “Working with coach Jeff Foley is, by far, the best investment of time that I have done in my professional career. Focusing on very specific team-identified behaviors to improve, the results of his Stakeholder Executive Coaching methods are spectacular, fast, and become hard-wired for long-term sustainability. Perhaps more importantly, his work on the leader has an extraordinary impact in raising the overall leadership and teamwork capabilities of the entire organization.”

          –  Daniel Albo, MD, PhD:  Chairman, Department of Surgery, Medical College of Georgia at Augusta University, and Surgeon-In-Chief Augusta University Health System  

“I have had the great fortune of working with Jeff as my coach for several years. He helped guide me at a critical time to become much more confident in my role as a senior level manager. I have developed into a far more effective coach, organizer, critical thinker and overall leader for the company and all of its people.  Jeff’s teachings are so solid they were incorporated at all levels and welcomed throughout our organization.  We are achieving unprecedented growth and performance as a respected industry leader that would not have been envisioned several years ago.”

        –  Derek Thexton, President, Southern Industries, Augusta, Georgia