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Brave Business Leadership

Helping Grow BRAVE Business Leaders

This book captures the essence of what I have learned from my thirty-two years in the army about leadership. I have packaged it into a practical, proven methodology that can be immediately applied to leaders at all levels. The methodology helps address the most significant leadership challenges facing business owners and managers today. The methodology is called BRAVE with each letter representing a key element of what it takes to grow competence and confidence to achieve greater results. Some highlights you will learn:

  • The most significant leadership challenges facing business leaders today
  • How to apply the BRAVE methodology to become more effective in addressing the leadership business challenges
  • Powerful stories of business leaders who exemplified BRAVE
  • Tools and techniques you can put to use immediately to help you grow as a leader

Would it be beneficial to have a simple, powerful, proven approach to help guide your development as a leader, and in turn help you develop your people? If so, I invite you to buy the book and apply what you learn.

Praise for BRAVE Business Leadership

“In BRAVE Business Leadership, General Jeff Foley makes hard truths come alive. Jeff  learned bare knuckle leadership over many years in leadership positions around the world in peace and war. His insights and stories will inspire you and these principles will empower you. The wisdom on these pages will motivate you to be the best leader you could ever be. I recommend you read this book immediately.”

  • Lt Gen Robert L. Caslen, Jr., U.S. Army (Retired), 59thSuperintendent of the United States Military Academy at West Point

“Jeff Foley has done a masterful job of distilling the US Army’s wisdom on leadership into a highly-readable book you’ll want to refer to again and again. Investing in yourself as a leader is not an option, it’s imperative. Implementing the recommendations in this book will pay enormous dividends for you and the people you lead.”

  • Marshall Goldsmith – Thinkers 50 #1 Executive Coach for 10 years, and New York Times #1 bestselling author of Triggers, Mojo, and What Got You Here Won’t Get You There.

“Jeff Foley is the authority on taking principles from the US Army and West Point and applying them to the modern business world with step-by-step clarity.”

  • Dina Dwyer-Owens, Brand Ambassador (former CEO & Chair) Neighborly Brands, Former Chair of the International Franchise Association

“Jeff Foley’s BRAVE leadership principles are desperately needed in healthcare and academic medicine.”

  • David C. Hess, MD, Dean of the Medical School of Georgia

“Are you looking for a leadership book that will inspire you to inspire others to the highest level of leadership? Read this book and you will grow as a leader and never bet the same again.”

  • James H. Blanchard, Retired Chairman and CEO, Synovis Financial

“Organizational structures and technology will change over time., but Jeff reveals how leadership principals are constant. This guide should be in every library.”

  • Colonel Herman E. Bulls, US Army (retired), Vice Chairman, Americas, JLL and Corporate Board Director

“The BRAVE methodology is a rubric for any organization seeking to grow their generational intelligence. If you want deeper engagement, increased loyalty and greater retention in our high-velocity and generational-shifting workplace, then BRAVE leadership is a must read.”

  • Mick Ukleja, PhD, Co-Author Managing the Millennials: Disover the Core Competencies for Managing Todays Workforce (2d Edition)